Matoma: Party At Your Place! Tour

Matoma: Party At Your Place! Tour

Two Friends, The Aston Shuffle

Sat, February 11, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Terminal 5

New York, NY

$28 advance / $30 day of show

This event is 18 and over

Norwegian electronic music star Matoma’s innovative ‘Hakuna Matoma’ album project – available via Big Beat Records/Parlophone – continues to go from strength-to-strength as it expands and evolves over time on streaming media platforms. With over 280 million streams to date and more than 7.5 million regular monthly listeners on Spotify, Matoma is proving that his unconventional approach is paying dividends.

Matoma’s latest single, ‘False Alarm’, is a collaboration with British singer /songwriter Becky Hill who topped the charts as vocalist and co-writer of Oliver Heldens’ ‘Gecko (Overdrive)’ and has collaborated with the likes of Rudimental and Wilkinson. The blissful ‘False Alarm’ captures the shimmering, summery side of Matoma’s sound, which presents an immediately captivating hook with his uplifting brand of dance music.

‘Hakuna Matoma’ demonstrates Matoma’s ability to reach beyond the confines of house with elements of urban, dance, pop and Caribbean sounds within its palette. The album’s highlights include guest appearances from Washington D.C. rapper Wale and Jamaican dancehall artist Popcaan on the feel-good ‘Feeling Right (Everything Is Nice)’; ‘Try Me’, a collaboration with global superstars Jason Derulo and Jennifer Lopez; the jubilant ‘Wonderful Life’ as featured on the Angry Birds soundtrack; Matoma’s inspired reimagining of Coldplay’s ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’; the HypeM #1 ‘Knives’; and the gorgeous ‘Running Out’ with MTV Music Europe Award winner Astrid S. The track ‘Paradise’ features Sean Paul and KStewart and was launched during Matoma’s festival-highlight set at Coachella 2016, where Sean Paul was on hand to reprise his performance on the track.
Two Friends
Matt Halper and Eli Sones, the young masterminds behind Two Friends, have quickly revamped from high school bedroom producers to one of the most promising dance music duos of 2016. Known for their viral remixes of "Trap Queen", "I Miss You" and "Cool", the two have, in unprecedented time, mastered a wide range of genres from deep, melodic house to harder progressive cuts. With their Spotify and SoundCloud views now exceeding 17 million and with eleven #1's on Hype Machine, the boys are well on their way to becoming the next big dance act to come out of America.
The Aston Shuffle
There's always been a golden mean between catering to ecstatic dance floors and writing proper tunes for the heads. In 2014, as The Aston Shuffle return to eardrums and speakers, they find themselves in a better position than ever to do both. Vance Musgrove and Mikah Freeman, the men behind Australia's beloved electronic dance act, aren't content with writing late-night anthems. This time around, they're aiming for a permanent spot in your record collection.

"We've always tried to transcend just making music for clubs. Our music's definitely rooted first and foremost in dance, and we want it to be played at festivals and on the radio, but we want it to be more than that."

Photographs, a visceral, triumphant collection of classic dance numbers, took the boys over two years to make. But they're not apologising for a single second of it. "We've always had the willingness to push and break deadlines or piss people off," laughs Vance, of the group's highly anticipated sophomore release. "We can't have 'Well, that's nine songs done and the tenth track, it's not that amazing, but I'm really tired so let's let it through.' That can never be the equation. Is it sick, or is it not?"

Boasting collaborations galore with everyone from old confidantes (Ross McGrath, Stylaz Fuego) to new voices (Will Heard, Mayer Hawthorne), Photographs is a labour of love recorded across three continents – and then some – as The Aston Shuffle pushed themselves to take the sound they were renowned for and make it that much better.

Sicker, even.

All told, it's a wonder they got it done at all. The Aston Shuffle hasn't exactly been swimming in downtime lately. The pair's long term commitments include a hectic touring schedule, remix requests and Friday Night Shuffle, their weekly show on triple j that's simulcast to thousands of hungry dance fans across the nation.

"Because we do the radio show, we have to be on top of everything that's happening in dance music, it's our job," says Vance. "But the idea is to have a sense of your own identity as an artist and the message you want to communicate, and then dodge and weave around these genre bubbles as they inflate and burst."

To get back in touch with the essence of The Aston Shuffle as a house music production unit going back almost a decade, Vance and Mikah needed to unplug from the world for a while. "Working on a solid piece of work like this album, it's hard to give it the time that it needs, especially when you're performing on weekends," says Mikah.

"We started the writing process in Ulladulla in January 2012, allowing ourselves to take a month off and get a coast house. That was so we could kind of be in a zone of writing ideas, and so there was no real expectation. The hardest thing we had to worry about is where we would be eating that day. That really sowed the seeds for songs like 'Can't Stop Now' and 'No Place Like Home' in a very raw sort of form."

After their coastal sojourn, the boys headed over to London to finish writing the record at the iconic SARM Studios in London's Notting Hill. It would prove to be a fortuitous booking in more ways than one. "We show 'Astronaut' to our friend Amanda, and she said 'I have to play this to this kid I just signed.' That man would turn out to be Joel Compass, the once-in-a-generation R&B singer currently blowing up in the UK. He would give the halftime groove that original Aston Shuffle member Ross McGrath had written for the track a brand new spin. "We're massive hip-hop fans," says Mikah. "So despite being different it definitely still feels like one of our songs."

During their three-month stint at SARM, the Aston lads would find inspiration coming at them from all angles. "It was bizarre," Mikah explains, "Liam Howlett from The Prodigy was in the studio above us, and Mark Ronson was in the studio below us. We got to go down there and play with his instruments. Vance was frothing so hard over the drum machine Q-Tip had loaned to Mark!"

With a career spanning almost ten years, the Aston Shuffle have become unofficial flag bearers for dance music Down Under. But they've stacked their newest deck with talented fresh faces, including Sydney's Elizabeth Rose, who happens to be a long time fan of the band.

"She told us a while back that there was track of ours from our first album that she really, really liked," says Vance. "I was blown away because I personally had that song close to my heart but nobody else really got it. For her to be into that particular song [was something] I was really chuffed with." 'Back and Forth', the sleek house number on which Elizabeth appears, was written in exactly the same way as the aforementioned older track. "It came up so quickly and got finished so easily, but it was definitely the last song to come together."

But you don't rack up two years to make a record through smooth sailing. As the boys concede, they themselves are often the biggest barriers to getting songs in the can. "By the end of it we were really conscious of the fact that it was taking us that long, to the point of being embarrassed about it. So in that situation, when you have a song that was on the finished pile for months, you don't want to let yourself believe that it's not done," explain Vance of their insane attention to detail. "But at the end of the day, it's all about vibe and it's all about your gut. And being super real with each other; 'is this dope or is it not?' That's the one thing we always want to aim for."

The Aston Shuffle might be their own toughest critics, but realness is not something they have to worry about. From the hands-in-the-air glory of 'Tear It Down', through to 'Restart' helmed by rock heiress Lila Gold, and beyond Photographs is a record that sounds unquestionably honest and undeniably like something that only Vance and Mikah could have produced. "What we've always wanted from day one, before we even thought of the option of having careers in music, was to try and make something to have substance and longevity," says Vance. "It's about taking different influences and making sure you keep a sincerity about your music, which has always been the core of what we do."

Sicker, doper and more productive; The Aston Shuffle is back. Get those camera-phones ready, you're going to want to carry these Photographs with you.
Venue Information:
Terminal 5
610 W 56th St
New York, NY, 10019