Flying Lotus

Red Bull Music Academy Presents

Flying Lotus

Ultraísta, Thundercat & Band, En2ak

Sun, May 5, 2013

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Terminal 5

New York, NY

$32.50 advance / $35 day of show

This event is all ages

Flying Lotus
Flying Lotus
Flying Lotus’ albums are events. They’re not issued with a mechanic regularity and they don’t subscribe to recognized formulae. For those prone to astral traveling and metaphysical introspection they are another piece of the puzzle. For those, let’s say more ‘conventional’ listeners, the records are grand and ghostly sweeping movements – the sort of which are rarely undertaken at present. For being such a potent strain of future-thinking music, the scope of Flying Lotus’ full-lengths recall the ambition and vision of many older masters while at the same time look unflinchingly towards the beyond.

As the psychic ripples caused by Flying Lotus’ Cosmogramma are still felt, the ground broken by its larger-than-life presence has proven to be very fertile soil indeed. That opus illustrated the universe that Flying Lotus inhabited, one in which Californian psychedelic gurus bumped elbows with Radiohead while the synthesizers were tuned to the strains of outré soul jams and the orchestra was conducted by the psilocybin-assisted movements of the deepest free-jazz nomads. From the neon afterglow of this ‘space-opera’ would come the vapor trails leading to FlyLo’s next revelation.

Until The Quiet Comes.

Composed, according to Flying Lotus, as “a collage of mystical states, dreams, sleep and lullabies” the album has the distinct feel of this nocturnal trip. From the twitching descent into a subconscious state and the out-of-focus time ether of the journey that follows, the sound is an unhinged, yet elegant evolution of the melodic and rhythmic interplay that is woven into the DNA of Flying Lotus’ aural personae. The meeting between earthy cosmic bass weight and computerized arrangements has never been more intertwined in this music than it is here, which not only speaks to an exponential growth as a producer and composer, but also the deeper conceptual flourishes at the foundation of the songs here. And of course the extended family is involved here, and has even grown significantly.

Longtime muses of FlyLo, Niki Randa and Laura Darlington both return and remind us why they’re such cherished vocal collaborators – because few people can match the controlled and beautiful chaos of Flying Lotus’s productions with the same air of grace. Thom Yorke also returns to the fold with a sublime contribution to the digital free jazz of ‘Electric Candyman’ as does Thundercat (in addition to his cosmic bass-playing across the album) on the saucer-eyed ‘DMT Song’, which already has the trappings of a soul anthem for a new generation of psychedelic explorers. Of course, the Flying Lotus family tree has extended as well, and into the mix comes the inimitable queen of leftfield R&B herself, Erykah Badu – who’s turn on the epic rumble of ‘See Thru To U’ is one of many highlights.

Flying Lotus is the center of a musical web that stretches far from the vibrant sprawl of Los Angeles, and joins so many like-minded individuals – whether it’s Earl Sweatshirt joining him on-stage at Coachella this year, fellow Oddfuture oddball Hodgy Beats collaborating on mixtapes or FlyLo spending some serious studio time with Black Hippy’s inimitable SchoolBoyQ. All this stylistic mingling and genre-melting from Flying Lotus has contributed significantly to shift music in a direction that once again prizes cohesive artistic statements and conceptual depth. However, he makes these intellectual leaps without forsaking the all-important heft of a bassline or unimpeded ‘swing’ of a drum beat – the same way so many masters of soul music have infused their songs for lovers and dancers with brilliant and heady subtext for decades. Until The Quiet Comes follows this tradition while clearing a path distinctly it’s own, which is a mark of a classic.

“Quiet is relative for this antsy L.A. based producer, who convenes Thom Yorke, Erykah Badu and a rushing data stream for a stoned soul-jazz picnic.” – Rolling Stone, Best Dance Albums of 2012

“[Flying Lotus’] fourth album, Until the Quiet Comes, is, like its predecessors, a drop down a rabbit hole of moods, built with electronic instrumentation, hip-hop-inspired rhythms and jazzy tonal structures.” – NPR, Top 50 Albums of 2012

“It’s a twitchy, brooding digital dystopia stripped of any lyrical agenda so all that remains is a mood of restless agitation.” – The Guardian, #19 Best Album of 2012

Ultraísta: Afrobeat electronica finely "inspired by tequila"

His production in the late 90s with Radiohead swelled some golden waves of sound,
which led him to work with famed musicians Paul McCartney, Travis, Beck and
many more. Heralded as a super-producer, Nigel Godrich is comin' in hot with his
new three-piece ensemble called Ultraísta.

Spawned from a love of afrobeat, electronica and art, Godrich started the band
with drummer Joey Waronker (The Smashing Pumpkins, Elliott Smith, Beck,
R.E.M.). When it came to the vocals, instead of recruiting a well-known and already
established vocalist, Godrich and Waronker took a different route by joining forces
with Laura Bettinson — a London-based solo artist who until now, not many people
across the pond knew didly about. The end result was the riveting creative effort,

Their sound is sexy, full of life and clings to a sense of delicacy with the charming
vocals of Bettinson. Her voice is enchanting as it is mysterious and rides along
smoothly with the electronic production and percussion of Godrich and Waronker.
Not one overpowers the other; instead they resonate with an alluring sound that
you can move-and-groove to, or just chill.

Get ready to dance to their bouncy track "Bad Insect." With afrobeat rhythms and
tribal-esque percussion, you might want to create a barefoot raindance to this jam.
Alternately, Godrich gives way to let your musical soul float into a dreamy-beat-
filled world with "Wash It Over," where Bettinson's vocals give off a hypnotic tone
especially with her repetitive chorus. Whether downtempo or robust with complex
beats, Ultraísta is a hot listen and something to look forward to live.

Ultraísta make their Los Angeles debut at the Echoplex on Friday, Oct. 19 th! Tickets
are priced at $14 - $16 and you can get them here!

Words: Sandra Burciaga


Laura Bettinson, Nigel Godrich and Joey Waronker

Debut Album Out October 2 On Temporary Residence Limited

Ultraísta–the multimedia trio comprised of vocalist/artist Laura Bettinson and multi-instrumentalist/producers Nigel Godrich and Joey Waronker–will see the U.S. release of its self-titled debut album October 2 on Temporary Residence Limited.

Founded in London in 2011 on a mutual love of Afrobeat, electronic and dance music, visual art, and tequila, Ultraísta has created 10 tracks of exquisitely crafted electronic kraut-pop for this phenomenal first outing.

Favoring mantras over traditional choruses and distilling their compositions to the barest essentials, the band possesses the kind of masterful control over the pure anatomy of a pop song that only comes from having played a significant role in redefining the form in the 21st century.
Thundercat & Band
Thundercat & Band
Venue Information:
Terminal 5
610 W 56th St
New York, NY, 10019