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Danny Zamir Band

Sat, December 15, 2012

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Terminal 5

New York, NY


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Spark Seeker
Since first emerging on the international stage in 2005, Matisyahu has established a reputation for following his muse—from the stripped-down roots reggae of the gold-certified Live at Stubb’s to the trippy ministrations of Youth to the polished pop eclecticism of Light. Then, in 2010, he returned to the venerable Austin venue that introduced him for Live at Stubb’s II, demonstrating that all those travels had somehow only strengthened his connection to his musical bedrock. It was a whirlwind half-decade journey, one that earned Matisyahu a place in pop culture at large.

And it was only the beginning.

Now based with his family in Los Angeles, Matisyahu blasts off yet again with Spark Seeker, a bold new studio album that finds the one-of-a-kind vocalist and songwriter exploring uncharted territory with help from an expansive cast of collaborators. “My musical tastes are all over the board,” he says in reference to a record that mixes ancient traditional sounds with futuristic electro beats, rapping with singing, songs of the spirit with songs of the body. “And, besides, my music has never been about the outer garment. It’s about searching out inspiration wherever it lies. This album is about seeking that spark within.”

Outer garments, of course, long defined Matisyahu in the eyes of many. “I was the Hasidic reggae superstar,” he says with a knowing laugh. So when Matisyahu took to Twitter late last year to post a picture of himself with his new look, he did it with a certain amount of relief. “It just felt good to sort of restart everything,” he says, adding that the transformation actualized one of the central themes of Spark Seeker: the impermanence of the physical form. “The spark seeker digs for truth and meaning and is willing to let go of everything to find it. He’s honest and authentic with himself and lives life from the inside out. He creates music from the depths and doesn’t worry about what category it or he fits into.”
“We live in a world where people tend to think in extremes and categorize with ultimate statements,” Matisyahu says. “While it’s true that at one point it would’ve been pretty accurate to describe me as Hasidic reggae, for most of my career my music has been a blend, a mixture.”
For Spark Seeker—not just a collection of random tracks, but a complete piece of work made with one producer—Matisyahu spent a year recording with Koool Kojak (Nicki Minaj, Travis Barker, Ke$ha) at the latter’s home studio in L.A. Then the pair went to Israel with an open slate. “We booked a studio there and invited various friends and musicians—including Zohar Fresco, Daniel Zamir, Ravid Kahalani and rapper Shyne—to come and simply play music,” Matisyahu says. “We began to blend all of this live instrumentation to create a unique record, made by multi-faceted human beings who have many sides and many sources of inspiration.”
The result reflects that wide array of voices and experiences. In the hard-hitting “Warrior” Matisyahu describes feelings of frustration and desperation, while lead single “Sunshine” rides what might be the most uplifting groove in his catalog; elsewhere, “Searchin’” pairs a gritty digital-dancehall beat with chanted lyrics and “I Believe in Love” exemplifies the album’s deep melodic streak. Throughout Spark Seeker you can hear Matisyahu embodying the album’s title—and embracing its humble promise. The album has a depth to it as well as a lightness, which alludes to the most essential theme of the record--that everything in life, especially music, exists in mixtures and blends. “Things are not as black and white as we would like to think. Not everything can be oversimplified," says Matisyahu.
“This is definitely pushing the boundaries of what I’ve done before,” he acknowledges. “It’s a new kind of record for me.” At this point we’d expect nothing less.
Danny Zamir Band
Danny Zamir Band
Daniel Zamir is one of the most influential and busy musicians in Israel. Zamir is a virtuoso sax player / composer of what could be defined as “Jewish Jazz”, fusing together elements of Jewish sounds and high quality jazz, together with ethnic and world music elements.
Zamir’s albums are the most successful jazz albums ever to be recorded in Israel, with high acclaim from the media and critics and with tremendous sales (“Amen”, released in 2006 is the most selling jazz album in Israel ever).
Zamir has performed and recorded with the biggest names in Israel’s pop and rock scene, such as Eviatar Banai, Beri Sakharoff, Ehud Banai, Yoni Rechter and many more. Zamir has been performing as a special guest with Reggae Megastar Matisyahu on his European tours and also in the US and Israel tours lately. Both of them performed together with Sting on his last visit to Israel in 2006.
Zamir has recorded 4 albums on John Zorn’s “Tzadik” label, the last one included Joey Baron, Uri Caine and Greg Cohen. Zamir performed with John Zorn’s Masada and Electric Masada numerous times in Israel and the US, and is considered by Zorn to be one of the most interesting and important sax players of our generation. Zamir (31) won the 2010 Prime Minister Award for outstanding jazz composers, the youngest musician ever to win the prestigious award.

A short biography:
1996 – Graduates “Thelma Yellin” high school of arts with excellence in jazz studies.
2000 – Records "Satlah" for "Tzadik" Records, produced by John Zorn and featuring him as a special guest.
2001 – Graduates “New School University”, NY, BFA in Jazz performance.
Also, records "Exodus", his second release for "Tzadik".
2000-2002 - tours Europe and the States, performs at major festivals in France (MIMI Festival, Marseilles), Poland (Krakow Jewish Culture Festival + extensive tour, including selling out at the “Blue Note” in Poznan), Italy (Klezmer Express, Verona), UK (double bill with John Zorn, London), Washington, DC, Chicago, IL, Israel and more.
CD's reviewed by Wire magazine (UK), Jazzman (France), Jazziz (US), Wall Street Journal and other magazines from Poland, Russia, Japan and more.
2002 – Records "Children of Israel", a third album for "Tzadik", featuring Marty Erlich and John Zorn as special guests.
2003 – Performs at the Israel Festival, Jerusalem.
Extensive US tour with Reggae superstar Matisyahu
2003 – Co-produces “great Jewish Composers – Sasha Argov” for Tzadik together with John Zorn.
Participates in Masada’s anniversary compilation album.
2004 - Returns to Israel, becomes one of Israel’s leading jazz talents with high recognition from the audience and the media.
2005- Extensive US and European tour with Reggae superstar Matisyahu
2006 – Performs with Matisyahu and Sting at the Ramat Gan Stadium, Israel, in front of 40,000 viewers.
Also in 2006, Zamir records "Amen", his first Israeli release for "The 8th Note" Records. The album, featuring Omer Avital (bass), Daniel Friedman (drums), Omri Mor (piano) and Avishai Cohen (trumpet) becomes one of the three best selling jazz albums in Israel ever.
2007 – Records "One" featuring percussion virtuoso Zohar Fresco and Israeli RockNroll legend Berri Sakharoff.
Continues excessive Israeli tours.
2008 – Records "I Believe", his fourth album for "Tzadik" Records, produced by John Zorn and featuring Greg Cohen (bass), Joey Baron (drums) and Uri Caine (piano).
2009 – Records "Missing Here", featuring Omer Avital (bass), Omer Klein (piano), Avi Leibovich (trombone), Avri Borochov (trumpet) and Aviv Cohen (drums). The theme song on the album, "Missing Here", featuring Israeli pop / rock star Eviatar Banai, becomes a huge hit in Israel.
2010-2011 – Tours Israel and Europe.
2012 – Records his 9th album, "Song for Comfort", featuring Mark Guiliana (drums) , Shai Maestro (piano) and Haggai Cohen-Milo (bass), plus Berri Sakharoff, Yoni Rechter and Matisyahu as special guests.
Venue Information:
Terminal 5
610 W 56th St
New York, NY, 10019